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We are experts in establishing and conducting bird monitoring projects. Generally it takes 3-5 years of annual, robust fieldwork to produce reports with conclusions that can be confidently relied upon, so it takes real, long-term commitment for project success.

When you talk to our Projects Manager he will explain fully how we go about our business. Generally we will establish a project with set-up and marking of measuring points in winter and conduct the baseline monitoring and
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re-measures annually in the September-December window, the breeding season for most species and when they are most conspicuous.

We work with Councils, DOC and a variety of community organisations so please get in touch if you'd like to know how we could help with anything bird count related, whether it be project design, project set-up, bird monitoring fieldwork or result reporting. Also keep in mind that we can work within your budget to deliver a project that satisfies most outcome monitoring requirements. If it's bird related, make an excellent decision and get in touch.